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RV, Boat, and Aircraft Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning for RVs, Boats, and Aircrafts in Riverside

At Blue Sky Chem-Dry, we not only specialize in-home carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning, but we have several years of experience cleaning the interiors of RVs (recreational vehicles), automobiles, boats, and even aircrafts. The same Blue Sky Chem-Dry expertise, combined with special attachments, gives us the ability to extend our high-quality services to other avenues aside from your typical home and office cleaning.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Safe for kids/pets
  • Dries faster
aircraft cleaning

The basic principle of cleaning the interior of your RV, car, boat, or aircraft is the same as for the furniture and carpet in your home or office. Your RV, car, boat, or private plane is exposed to the elements, such as dust and pollen. The carpeting gets dirty and so does the upholstery. After a while, without proper cleaning and maintenance, the dirt and dust will damage the interior and depreciate the re-sell value.  For better results and maintenance, we recommend cleaning the carpet and upholstery of your RV, automobile, boat, or aircraft at least once a year.

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