Home for the Holidays

It’s the Holiday Season

There is no better time than the Holiday season! Family and friends will soon be arriving and it is time to start baking your favorite treats! Having guests at your home can be a stressful time for you. Blue Sky Chem-Dry offers a few helpful tips to help you get ready for the Holiday season. We want you to enjoy this time with you family!

helpful holiday tips

Helpful Holiday Tips

  1. Clean Your Oven + Fridge Out. No one wants a smokey turkey or ham, so make sure that you run the clean cycle a week or two before your guests arrive. Your fridge could also use a good wipe down. You will feel so much better putting leftovers in a clean fridge!
  2. Wash The Sheets. Don’t wait until the night before guests arrive to wash the sheets in the guest bedroom. Do a few loads of sheets and towels a week before and that is one less thing for you to do!
  3. Clean Your Floors. Blue Sky Chem-Dry can certainly help with this one! Floors really take the blunt force of all the dirt and grime that enters your home. Your guests may notice your carpet’s traffic areas and no one wants that. Call us and get on the schedule before they arrive!

The Holidays should be a time of joy and full of memories. Don’t spend your time cleaning and use our helpful Holiday tips in your home.

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