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The Best Way to Clean a Fabric Sofa

Oct 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

The Best Way to Clean a Fabric Sofa

If you have upholstered furniture, chances are it’s one of the most beloved pieces in your home. Not only is it comfortable to relax on, but it also adds class and sophistication to any room. However, cleaning upholstered furniture can also be tricky, especially if you have kids or pets. But don’t worry – here are a few tricks you can use to make the job a lot easier.


Step 1: Using a Dry brush

Sometimes removing dirt and crumbs can be as simple as using a dry brush to loosen and sweep them off. Be sure to lay down something to catch the debris, or vacuum after.


Step 2: Vacuum the Fabric

A vacuum also works wonders on a fabric couch. Without having to get into the water and water-based solutions, you can utilize a hand-held vacuum to clean and get into the nooks and crannies.


Step 3: Wash the Sofa Covers

The benefit of some fabric furniture is that it has covers that you can simply unzip and wash in a regular machine. If yours has these covers, be sure to check for the specific washing instructions for that material.


Step 4: Baking Soda is Key

Sprinkling baking soda over a fabric couch can be a great way to remove odors and loosen stains, before vacuuming it up. You can also create a solution for a deeper clean or spot clean, with equal parts baking soda and water. Take care using baking soda on some upholstered surfaces like microfiber and leather.


Upholstery Cleaning from Blue Sky Chem-Dry

So, if you’re dealing with a dirty couch and want to clean it without any harsh chemicals or water, these four steps should do the trick. And if all else fails, remember that you can always call in reinforcements in the form of a professional upholstery cleaner like Blue Sky Chem-Dry.

If you need professional upholstery cleaning, give us a call! 

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