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The Real Reason Your Tile Grout is Not Staying Clean

Apr 12, 2022 | Tile and Grout Cleaning

The Real Reason Your Tile Grout is Not Staying Clean

Picture this. You just got done deep cleaning your bathroom, but it still looks dirty due to the grout being discolored. This is an issue all people that have tile floors have to face at one point or another. If you are having trouble keeping your grout from looking dirty, you are not alone. In fact, for many homeowners, it can be frustrating to keep tile and grout looking like new!

Knowing the main offender of discolored grout can be game-changing and make your tile look as clean as it really is! Through years of tile and grout cleaning in Temecula, our professionals have noticed what homeowners are doing wrong when it comes to cleaning tile. 


The Main Culprit

Many people assume that discolored grout is a result of spills and dirt. While this is not wrong, there is a source that can actually make this issue significantly worse that not many people know of.  

Grime with sticky residue left behind in the cleaning process is the main source of discolored grout. Grout surfaces are extremely porous, and because they’re set lower than tile, this is the ideal spot for residue and dirt to settle. When too much moisture is used in the tile and grout cleaning process, grout can become dirty exponentially faster—and stay that way no matter how much scrubbing and mopping you do. 

That is why Blue Sky Chem-Dry’s professional tile and grout cleaning services are so important. Our team has access to professional-grade equipment that is not only strong enough to extract grime and dirt from the grout, but it also doesn’t leave any of that sticky residue that is initially causing the reoccurring discoloration. As a plus, we also apply a protective sealant to the grout to ensure it stays stain-free and clean as long as possible. 


Tile, Grout, and Stone Cleaning in Temecula, CA

Let Blue Sky Chem-Dry do the hard work for you in your Temecula home – providing a deeper, longer-lasting stone, tile, and grout cleaning for your many surfaces and leaving you and your family with a healthier home to live in.  

We not only care about the appearance of your home but its health and safety, as well. We look forward to serving you throughout the Temecula, California are


Contact us today for a free quote for tile and grout cleaning in Temecula and surrounding areas!

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