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Cleaning Tips and Tricks From Your Chem-Dry Team

Feb 26, 2021 | Blue Sky Chem-Dry Blog, General Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips and Tricks From Your Chem-Dry Team

Now more than ever cleaning has become a top priority in household chores. Though we all want to be free of it, we are still needing to take precautions against it. One major way to do that is through cleaning. a woman holding cleaning supplies

Our team cares about your health and wants to give you some tips to cleaning your home. 

  • Clean with soap and water before cleaning. This gets rid of the larger particles and some of the dust. This gives your cleaner an easier surface to work on. 
  • Let the cleaner sit. When cleaning we tend to wipe the spray away just after it touches the surface. For cleaner to work properly it needs to sit to fully get rid of the allergens and dust. Depending on the product it may take 1-10 minutes. 
  • Read the labels. Not all cleaners are the same. They all have different compounds and are used differently depending on the active ingredients within them.  

We are always here to help with our professional hospital grade cleaner. With our cleaning service we also offer a protective clean coating to surfaces that were cleaned, inhibiting the growth and spread of allergens (dust and algae) on contact for up to 3 months. Our professional care will leave your home safe and clean for weeks.  

Call Blue Sky Chem-Dry today at (951) 674-2800 to schedule your professional cleaner cleaning. No need to stress, we leave your home safe and clean. 

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